Bing Wrights: Broken Mirror / Evening Sky , 2012

James Harris Gallery is pleased to present Broken Mirror/Evening Sky, a new series of striking landscape photographs by New York based artist Bing Wright. Departing from his usual pared down images in grey palettes, Wright offers us moving skyscape photographs of richly colored sunsets reflected onto broken mirrors. This new body of work marks his first return to color photography in almost a decade.

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Naoko Ito, Flora

Ubiquitous, 2009

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I hope you fall in love with a man with good music taste and a jawline stronger than your wifi connection

Too late.

Support "Degeneration- Senior Thesis Installation" by Marla Jones


Hey all!

I would love your support for my senior thesis. The work will be a multi-media installation. It creates a 3D experience for an experience that is normally contained in the mind. This piece challenges the long-term effects of self-deprecating thoughts. Through looking at the downward spiral that happens when believing one lie about the origin of self-worth, it is easy to forget the truth.

The audience enters a tunnel made of black string. Tangled in the string is a paper with a handwritten lie. This connects with a red thread to another lie, and then to another two, and each of those connecting to multiple other lies. As the viewer progresses through the tunnel, the red starts to overtake the black and the lies become increasingly overwhelming and anxiety inducing. The viewer is then presented with a choice. They can turn back, run away and leave feeling overwhelmed and confused. But if they choose to press onward they come to an open space at the end of the tunnel. There is clarity, and relief, as well as truth about who they are, and where their worth comes from. They can leave with hope, knowing that they persevered.

I need about 480$, and the breakdown of costs is all explained in the video on the page! THANKS! *mwah!*

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why are college and university textbooks so expensive, i could have bought four dogs instead of the textbooks i bought for this semester. and thats just sad. because now i’m broke, i have readings to do, and i don’t have four dogs. 

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